Nature Trails

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  • 2018-02-16

Nature Trails

Wozani Ridge is proud to announce that we now offer nature trails can be used for walking, quad biking or cycling. All the trails run through our indigenous forest and grasslands. The trails run for 4km. 70 tree speicies have been identified. We have designed labels for our trees and you will find them affixed to many of our trees on your walks, specifying the tree family it belongs to, and also the Latin, English, Afrikaans and Zulu names.

Some of the labels have a bar code. If you download the ‘QD Barcode App’ or any other barcode app to your phone, it will give you a comprehensive detail of the species.

It makes a walk through the forest quite interesting and exciting; there are some amazing species like very old Umdonis, and old and tall trees like a River Macaranga and a Natal Mahogany, not to forget woody creepers like the ‘Green Mamba’.

Tree List

Adenia gummifera

Albizia adianthifolia

Allophylus natalensis

Antidesma venosum

Apodytes dimidiata

Asparagus falcatus

Brachylaena discolor

Brachylaena uniflora

Bridelia micrantha

Canthium inerme

Carissa macrocarpa

Cassipourea gummiflua

Celtis africana

Chaetacme aristata

Chrysanthemoides monilifera

Clerodendrum glabrum

Coddia rudis

Cordia caffra

Croton sylvaticus

Cussonia spicata

Cyphostemma rotundifolium

Dalbergia armata

Dalbergia obovata

Deinbollia oblongifolia

Dichrostachys cinerea

Dietes vegeta

Dracaena aletriformis

Embelia ruminata

Englerophytum natalensis

Erythrina caffra

Erythrina lysistemon

Euclea natalensis

Eugenia capensis

Ficus burtt-davyi

Ficus natalensis

Ficus sur

Flagellaria guineensis

Grewia occidentalis

Gymnosporia arenicola

Halleria lucida

Harpephyllum caffrum

Hyphaene crenata

Macaranga capensis

Maytenus procumbens

Mimusops caffra

Mitriostigma axillare

Monanthotaxis caffra

Pavetta lanceolata

Peddiea africana

Phoenix reclinata

Protorhus longifolia

Psychotria capensis

Psydrax obovata

Putterlickia verrucosa

Rhoicissus rhomboidea

Rhoicissus tomentosa

Schefflera umbellifera

Scolopia zeyheri

Scutia myrtina

Searsia chirindensis

Searsia natalensis

Searsia nebulosa

Strelitzia nicolai

Strychnos spinosa

Syzygium cordatum

Tabernaemontana ventricosa

Trema orientalis

Tricalysia lanceolata

Trichilia dregeana

Vangueria infausta

Vangueria lasiantha

Vangueria randii

Zanthoxylum capense

Ziziphus mucronata

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